CAP 105 final

The Back Three

                                                                                                               cap 105

We took group photos at the wrecking ball, little mac bridge, the success arch way and the heaven and earth sculpture as pictured below.


This is our photo at the wrecking ball i like this art work because before the whole miley cyrus incident you could ride it and it was one of the must do things here at GV.

photo(1) copy copy


Here is our photo at the little mac bridge we like this no only because of its easy access to the other side of campus and that it sticks with the whole Michigan theme grand valley does.

Blue thing


This s our photo at the success archway we liked this because of its myth that if you walk through it the wrong way it brings bad luck to your grades.


Here is our photo in front of the heaven and earth sculpture we liked this sculpture because of how artsy it is and how it makes the campus look so nice.


Here is the screen shot of us checked in at kirkoff

photo (1)


Here we had the 20/20 desk tweet at you saying that we checked in here.



Here are our memes

photo (1)


Vadering meme

photo (2)


Hadouken meme


Quidditching meme

Our instagram video is online with the hashtag #cap105final

My own photoshoped picture of me by my favorite statue is right here

Photo (3)


This photo I figured would kill 2 birds with one stone because this is my favorite piece of art on GVSU campus because it gave student the opportunity to learn about how a pendulum works but that was until everyone saw they miley cyrus video and tried to ride it naked.

Here is the info graphic in the 2013 annual report

info graphic


The info graphic is on pages 28 and 29. this is an interesting info graphic i did not realize how many people donated and how much was actually being donated. It says that there are 15,900 donors, and that this year there has been a 28% in alumni dollars raised and that in 2013 $88 million dollars were raised in the endowment fund.

This is my favorite type of meme



I really like the willy wonka meme because it is just so sarcastic and just about everyone that i see makes me laugh because i could just picture him saying that. Meme are good for us because it takes things or certain events going on and gives them a funny and lighter side of them.



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